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dear friends & family, 

i launched level earlier this year to bring light to humanitarian issues around the world, and facilitate partnerships to support them. level began as an idealistic notion several years ago -- we can all do more. that grew into a concept. then a business plan. then a business. we are creating new avenues to give, and making it easy for businesses and individuals to find and support the causes closest to their heart.

now, i am humbly asking for your support. by contributing to our friends & family donation campaign, you can help cover some of our overhead costs so we can do more of the work that matters.

i have been working around the clock on level since january -- teaching myself how to build a website and do basic graphic design, creating a brand i am proud of, building out our board and determining our staff needs, and throwing myself head first into the colorado carbon fundraiser, which served as our launch event this july.

since then, many great relationships and opportunities have manifested; including being hired by eddie roberts of the new mastersounds to amplify his work with the payback, which supports youth homelessness in denver; building out a partnership to support feminine hygiene for two schools in south africa, and campaigning on behalf of playing for change which supports education programs around the world. in order to meet the demands of our prospective clients and ensure level is as impactful as possible, i have hired celeste vandeventer as our first-ever project manager. you can read more about her background here.

many of these campaigns won't pay out until the completion of the project, so we are asking you humbly to support us as we grow in our first year of this incredible new venture. instead of using a crowdfunding site like gofundme or kickstarter, we have built the donation technology into our site so more of your money supports our efforts. by contributing through our website or personal check, you are helping us to keep our fees down. 

if you have any questions on level, or on how we will use the funds we raise through this campaign, i can be reached at hilary@leveltogether.com. i appreciate all of your support, and look forward to working together to create a more equitable world.

all the best,

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