level specializes in innovative ways to help you do the most good.


we create social impact partnerships to help level global inequalities.


we are committed to moving the needle on humanitarian issues around the world. we believe that together, we have the resources to do it. 

we need you; whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or individual looking to make a difference, join us and let's make an impact.

we take on clients of all kinds, and work with your business model to create opportunities that fit your brand.


we specialize in philanthropic
consulting, and take pride in
connecting clients to humanitarian issues.


what we offer

level meets you where you are, and makes it easy for you to effectively support the issue area of your choice.
we work with you to create a strategy that will positively impact the world around us. 

level provides thoughtful leadership and custom campaigns for clients looking to support humanitarian affairs in a responsible and innovative way. additionally, level is able to assess all opportunities that are presented to the client and continually advise on philanthropic engagement.

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integrated marketing campaigns

we build compelling campaigns to support the philanthropic area of the client’s choice. boasting a strong knowledge of non-profits working across issue areas such as water & sanitation, climate change, education, women’s rights, and global health, we are sure to find a cause that resonates with you! with the help of our contacts in marketing, media, music, and business, we will amplify the campaign to its full potential.

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direct service opportunities

our team is capable of building an impactful, engaging and memorable hands-on experience for our clients. whether it be a local day of service or international learning trip, we believe in the importance of truly connecting with the issues.

we will rely on the lessons we've learned from organizing learning trips to india for celebrities, service trips to uganda for medical professionals, and local volunteer engagements.

event management

with experience in large scale event production, as well as hosting auctions, cocktail parties, conferences, live music and comedy shows, all to benefit charity, we are confident in our ability to pull off any event your business can dream up, or, we'll dream one up for you!




becoming a level client is easy

  • an initial meeting with a member of our team will help us to understand your philanthropic interests, existing relationships, business model & expectations.
  • level will create a proposal with vetted options to support the issue of your choice, including mock up campaigns and partnerships.
  • choose the best option for your needs, and let level take it from there!

Ready to help?

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